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A.  Apple Bobbing/ Aerobics/ Art Exhibition
B.  Bad Hair Day/ Bouncy Castle/ Book Comic Sale
C.  Concert/ Car Washing/ Computer Games Competition
D.  Dance Marathon/ Disco/ Duck Race
E.  Egg Your Teacher/ Easter Egg Hunt/ Eating Competition
F.  Football Tournament/ Face Painting/ Fancy Dress
G.  Game Shows/ Guess The Number/ Gunking Teachers
H.  Hair Beading/ Harvest Festival/ Head Shave
I.  Ice-cream Eating/ Items In A Matchbox/ Ice-skating
J.  Judo Competition/ Jumble Sale/ Jeans Day
K.  Karaoke Challenge/ Kite Flying/ Knitting Competition
L.  Line Dancing/ Litter Picking/ Lucky Dip
M.  Mufti Day/ Make-Up Demonstration/ Magic Show
N.  Name The Teddy/ Nature Walk/ New Year …

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Build A School is focused on supporting the developing world in two key ways:

To fund the building of classrooms in developing countries;
To provide education in sustainable living.

We support governments to help developing countries reach their ambitious targets for the Millennium Development Goals. If EVERY child is to have a primary school place by 2015 it requires the continued support of friends and partners around the world.
Build A School recognises school build projects are only part of the solution. Access to knowledge about the environment, sustainable building, food security and fairer …

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[23 Aug 2010 | No Comment | 7,483 views]
New fundraising campaign with Tommy Walsh

Celebrity builder Tommy Walsh is helping us out with our new sustainable living visitor centre in Malawi!
We’re offering you a fabulous opportunity to publicise your school or business while donating to a charity doing great work in Africa. Appear on the Build A School brick wall for just £500 and get your school or business in lights! All funds are going towards our new sustainable living visitor centre in Lilongwe, Malawi to teach sustainable development.

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Why Build A School is a strong corporate partner:

By supporting our work, you not only achieve your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals, we help you – with one partnership – support both EDUCATION and SUSTAINABILITY.
International development, and in particular programmes supporting the environment, are positive associations in a global market place with the climatic problems of the 21st century.
Build A School has broad appeal in that it engages with young people, whilst attracting adults from all demographic backgrounds to the cause.
Boosts staff morale by associating your company with our positive …

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There are many ways you can fund our projects and a little goes a long way.
From a few pounds a month to buying a brick or even sponsoring a whole classroom, you can become a part of our team working to provide education where it’s needed.
To all you students… want to egg your teacher? Do it, get away with it AND raise money for a great cause!
Teachers… fed up with telling students to tuck in their shirt? Non-uniform days, and other great ideas can help you teach your subject or …

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Is there a need to build schools?
There is a huge need for schools, with some governments leaving the construction to Non-Government Organisations such as Build A School.
What happens once you have built a school?
It is handed over to the local community and the government provide the teachers and learning materials.
What is ‘sustainable development’?
There is a recognised definition of sustainable development that arose out of the Bruntland Commission in the 1980s: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet …

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1) BUILD A SCHOOL will not enter into a joint venture with another party if that business or organisation’s operations are in conflict with our own objectives:
2) BUILD A SCHOOL continues to form partnerships with external organisations that help us achieve our objectives. However, we must ensure partnerships do not bring the charity’s brand and reputation into disrepute or hinder our independence. To protect the charity’s reputation, integrity and independence BUILD A SCHOOL will avoid the following:

Any …

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Build A School has evolved from a simple school building organisation to also focusing on education in sustainable living. Both causes are linked and valuable, but are a part of the global agenda moving the planet towards a peaceful and sustainable future.
Short term: Build A School developed a sustainable base through fair trade shops that supported the charity by allowing it to operate with less money going on running costs and more cash going to our projects.
Mid-term: Build A School continues to support developing countries that are working to improve …

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Build A School was formed in 2007 with a focus on building classroom blocks in Malawi. The team has grown and continued to work with partners to fund school buildings in both Malawi and India.
The trustees helped drive the charity’s vision in sustainable education and Build A School has grown it’s team of technical advisers and volunteer fundraisers. Build A School partnered the Department for International Development to build an urban project in Lilongwe. Build A School also partnered HSBC in a school build project in Vizag, India. In December …

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[19 Aug 2010 | No Comment | 9,174 views]
Sustainable development

What is development?

From birth to death – physical development
From poor to rich – economic development
From dictatorship to democracy – political development
From sexual abuse to sexual equality – social development
From fossil fuels to renewable energy – environmental development
A future for us AND our children – SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

Click here for the United Nations Millenium Development Goals
There is little challenge to the recognition that foreign aid has not alleviated much of the poverty faced by the developing world, particularly in Africa. The fall of the USSR has seen capitalism sweep the world as …