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A-Z of fundraising ideas

25 August 2010 10,506 views No Comment

A.  Apple Bobbing/ Aerobics/ Art Exhibition

B.  Bad Hair Day/ Bouncy Castle/ Book Comic Sale

C.  Concert/ Car Washing/ Computer Games Competition

D.  Dance Marathon/ Disco/ Duck Race

E.  Egg Your Teacher/ Easter Egg Hunt/ Eating Competition

F.  Football Tournament/ Face Painting/ Fancy Dress

G.  Game Shows/ Guess The Number/ Gunking Teachers

H.  Hair Beading/ Harvest Festival/ Head Shave

I.  Ice-cream Eating/ Items In A Matchbox/ Ice-skating

J.  Judo Competition/ Jumble Sale/ Jeans Day

K.  Karaoke Challenge/ Kite Flying/ Knitting Competition

L.  Line Dancing/ Litter Picking/ Lucky Dip

M.  Mufti Day/ Make-Up Demonstration/ Magic Show

N.  Name The Teddy/ Nature Walk/ New Year or Month Resolution Pledge

O.  Origami/ Orienteering Day/ Odd Shoe Day

P.  Pancake Day Competition/ Penny Mile/ Painting Competition

Q.  Quizzes/ Quiet Time/ Question Time

R.  Races/ Raffle/ Rock And Roll Night

S.  Sponsored Anything/ Sports Events/ Silly Clothes Day

T.  Table Sale/ Talent Show/ Treasure Hunt

U.  Uniform For Teachers/ Unwanted Clothes/Books Sale

V.  Variety Show/ Valentine Dance/ Victorian Day

W.  Wheel Barrow Race/ Welly Throwing/ Wishing Well

X.  Xmas Fete/ X-Factor Competition/ X Marks The Spot Treasure Hunt

Y.  Yo-yo Competition/ Yodelling Competition

Z.  Zoology Quiz/ Zany Clothes Day/ Zombie Party