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25 August 2010 12,470 views No Comment

Build A School is focused on supporting the developing world in two key ways:

  • To fund the building of classrooms in developing countries;
  • To provide education in sustainable living.

We support governments to help developing countries reach their ambitious targets for the Millennium Development Goals. If EVERY child is to have a primary school place by 2015 it requires the continued support of friends and partners around the world.

Build A School recognises school build projects are only part of the solution. Access to knowledge about the environment, sustainable building, food security and fairer trade – 21st century issues – are yet to emerge from an education model stuck in 20th century thinking.

Build A School have recently and successfully completed a three year UK Lottery grant to form an essential oil co-operative at Tickbird, the Sustainable Living Education Site in Lilongwe, Malawi.  Through this grant, the members have been taught how to produce organic compost fertilizer, grow (using companion cropping) and distil essential oil crops and to make the finished products such as soap.  A workshop, training shelter, well and compost toilets have been constructed on site.

The co-operative has now been formally registered by the Malawian Ministry of Industry and Trade as the “Tickbird Producers and Marketing Co-operative” and is providing income, independence and empowerment to the members.  They have several successful income streams through their organic compost fertilizer, companion crops (eg tomatoes/sweet potatoes), tea and gift shop and their Tickbird essential oil soap initiative which is proving very popular in retail outlets and lodges within Malawi and internationally.  For photos and updates please see: Facebook: Tickbird Malawi and Twitter: @tickbirdmalawi

As global citizens in the 21st century, the only smart option to build together is a sustainable future.

Never before have the consequences of ignoring this reality been so apparent or detrimental to nations achieving their Millenium Development Goal Targets.

But never have improved partnerships, communications and technologies provided so many possible solutions.

Your support can help us promote a more sustainable world through education.

It starts now.